Ai Hero Launch: How to win $BNX & mint NFT

5 min readNov 28, 2023

Welcome to the exciting world of Ai Hero, dear BinaryX communities. It’s been more than a month since we released the introduction of Ai Hero and the private beta test that followed. We wanted to let you know we hear all of you and are absorbing every single piece of constructive feedback to improve the game. We also appreciate your passion for this game, and we are more than happy to tell you that the waiting is finally over!

In this article, we aim to share with you the economic model of Ai Hero, how to earn BNX from it, NFT minting, and most importantly, the thrilling updates on the horizon. Let’s dive into what makes Ai Hero not just a game, but an ecosystem where strategy, skill, and smart investments intertwine.

Understanding the Ai Hero Economic Model

Ai Hero introduces a unique economic model that blends gaming pleasure with earning potential. The game operates on both free-to-play and play-to-earn mechanisms, allowing players to earn rewards through skilled gameplay and strategic planning.

NFT Minting Mechanics

NFT heroes are a requirement for entry into the upcoming “Competition Mode,” where participating in the competitive mode can earn you $BNX as a reward.

Heroes of different races and classes represent different attributes, and this principle also applies to the rarity of heroes.

How to obtain Hero NFTs?

There are four primary ways to acquire an NFT in Ai Hero:

Method (1): Mint NFT in Normal Mode

There are two modes in AI Hero: Normal Mode and Competition Mode.

Players can enter Normal Mode for free. After each match, the top 5 players can choose to spend 40 BNX to forge the hero they used in that match and add it to their “Hero Inventory.”

Method (2): Obtain random NFT through Hero Recruitment

Spending 40 BNX allows you to immediately obtain a random hero NFT in the Hero Recruitment Hall, with the hero’s quality, attributes, race, and class all being randomly generated.

Method (3): Purchase on the Open Market (Not available in launch version)

Players can buy NFTs directly from BinaryX’s NFT marketplace.

Method (4): Hero Mining With BNX (Available in next update)

In addition to spending BNX to recruit heroes, you can also get additional BNX rewards & Hero with Hero Mining.

Mining Method: In the game, the minimum amount of bnx held in a player’s game account within a 24-hour period will be calculated daily at 1pm UTC. The corresponding BNX holding reward, based on the mining tier, will be distributed at 1pm UTC the next day.

*Mining Rewards* (check Table 1)

Mining rewards will be issued in the form of hero recruitment voucher points. Each voucher point can be used to deduct 1 BNX from the hero recruitment cost. The following is the number of voucher points & BNX you can get based on the amount of BNX held:

Earning in Ai Hero

Players can earn rewards in Ai Hero by participating in the upcoming Competition Mode. Each game in this mode requires a Hero NFT, and the amount of prize money you can win is determined by your placement in the game. The rewards are distributed in BNX, which is the native token of BinaryX, and these rewards vary depending on your rank in the competition.

It’s important to note that each hero NFT can only be used once in the Competition Mode. After participating in a match, the NFT will be destroyed. Essentially, an NFT serves as a one-time ticket for entry into the Competition Mode.

Heroic Mode Rewards

The rewards for the competition mode are as follows:

Upcoming Updates and Features

Final Version with Token NFT Withdrawal/Deposit: This significant update will introduce a full-fledged economic system, including the withdrawal & deposit of token and NFT.

Competition Mode: Introducing the competitive gameplay for users to win BNX.

BNX Holder Benefits: Hold BNX to get advantage in daily Hero NFT recruitment.

These features will be introduced in the next update of Ai Hero.

Join Now To Get A Head Start!

Before the official launch of AI HERO Version 2, players only have to spend 34 BNX (originally 40 BNX), which is a massive 15% discount, to mint the Hero NFT they used in that match and add it to their “Hero Inventory” to get a significant head start over other players.

So what are you waiting for? Click the link below to weave your story in Ai Hero.
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To learn more about the game, you may read the Introduction Of Ai Hero or run through our Official Wiki.

As always, let’s play together, create together, enjoy together.

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