Introducing BinaryX’s AI-Powered Battle Royale: Ai Hero

4 min readOct 6, 2023


Hello, Web3 enthusiasts, GameFi maniacs, and fellow blockchain adventurers! 🚀

Ever dreamt of a universe where artificial intelligence meets the decentralized world? Ever imagined a game where every move you make intertwines with the vast capabilities of AI, challenging not just your gaming strategies but also your very imagination? Well, dream no more. BinaryX is thrilled to unveil our newest gem in the gaming realm: Ai Hero.

🎮 What is Ai Hero?

Ai Hero is a multiplayer battle royale text adventure game that combines GPT technology, machine learning technology, and artificial intelligence drawing technology. In the game, players will play the role of a medieval adventurer exploring a world filled with monsters, magic, and adventures.

Ai X Battle Royale X GameFi

In this world, players need to make different choices based on the events encountered and their own status, so as to obtain materials to craft equipment or weapons; fight against other 12 players, and the last surviving player will win the final victory.

👾How to Ai Hero?

The core mechanics of Ai Hero are designed to provide a seamless blend of strategy, exploration, and competitive gameplay. Here’s a breakdown of what makes Ai Hero a game worth diving into:

🎲 Roll the Dice:

In Ai Hero, your every move, every battle, every interaction is determined by the attributes you possess, and yes, the roll of a dice. But here’s the kicker: the results of most events and actions are analyzed and decided by our AI, based on the numbers you roll. This ensures a gaming experience that’s as random as it is non-repetitive. So, every time you play, it’s a whole new world of possibilities!

🔨 Collect, Craft, Dominate!

The heart of Ai Hero lies in its crafting system. From item acquisition to equipment synthesis, players will find themselves constantly challenged. The synthesis recipes, terrain interactions, and material outputs are extensive. Your objective? To gather more resources, create the best gear, and emerge as the ultimate survivor among the 12. But remember, with the AI ever-watchful, your strategies need to be top-notch!

⚔️Player Versus Player (PVP):

Fancy a bit of competition? When 2 or more players are on the same map square, a PVP battle is automatically triggered and randomly pits players into 1v1 battles. Defeating opponents will allow you to obtain their items/equipment, vice versa.

🥇 Leaderboards & More…

Engage in intense PvP battles or strive to climb the Ai Hero leaderboards. Accumulated scores and kill count can participate in leaderboard ranking. But be warned: with the AI intricacies, no two battles will ever be the same. Adaptability is your best ally!

So how do you win in Ai Hero?

“In layman terms, become the last man standing…”

📜How To Join Open Beta Test?

Everyone is welcome to join our open beta test; we highly value the feedback from all participants. No whitelists or special conditions are required for joining.

The Open Beta Test will commence soon with exciting prizes for participants. Stay tuned to our social media platforms and join our community for the latest news and updates.

Let’s redefine gaming, together. 🎮🌍🚀

About BinaryX:

BinaryX is a leading GameFi and IGO platform committed to delivering cutting-edge gaming experiences backed by blockchain technology.

Offering Initial Game Offering (IGO) services, BinaryX gives game developers the opportunity to launch their GameFi projects on their platform, and for users to get early access to innovative new games.

As one of the top 10 projects on the BNB Chain, BinaryX has a vast community of more than 100k coin holders and 30K monthly active wallets. With the token $BNX, BinaryX is also one of the top few metaverse projects by trading volume on the BNB chain, with a strong market cap.

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