What is CyberDragon: Boss Raid?

4 min readFeb 22, 2023

Boss Raid is an exciting new game set in the world of CyberDragon, where players can come together to battle a powerful boss. The game is designed for players to consume BNX to attack the boss within a specified time, and if successful, the player will receive a battle reward, along with the bonus for battling with the boss. In this article, we will go over the gameplay, battle mechanics, bosses, rewards, and other essential aspects of the game.


In Boss Raid, players use BNX to attack the boss. The player can deal a maximum of 5% damage to a single boss, and once that damage limit is reached, no further attacks will be possible. Players can choose between two attack buttons, “Single Attack” and “Maximum Attack”.

“Single Attack” displays the amount of damage that can be dealt, either displaying 1000 when the damage exceeds 1000, or the exact damage when it’s below 1000.

“Maximum Attack” displays the damage that can be dealt based on the amount of BNX in the player’s game account. If the damage made by the player exceeds the remaining HP of the boss, the excess will be refunded in BNX.


Bosses in Boss Fight come in three different models, each representing a different round of the game. If a player successfully kills a boss, the boss will upgrade to the next level but retain its current model. On the other hand, if the boss escapes, a new model with a new avatar will be generated for the next round.

The boss’s level starts at 1, and its HP increases by 12% every time it upgrades by 1 level. The boss HP bar is displayed in three colors, Green (31–100% HP), Orange (11–30% HP), and Red (0–10% HP), which makes it easier for players to track the boss’s health.

Every boss will only exist for 12 hours after it is generated, and the timer will reset if it is killed. If the boss is not killed within the specified time, it will flee, and players will not be able to attack until a new boss is generated.


BNX Rewards:

  • Damage Reward: Players who kill bosses will be rewarded with 60% of the BNX they used in the battle.This reward is not distributed in real-time, but is dispersed in each round when BNX rewards are distributed.
  • Delayed Reward: Based on the player’s damage, 40% of the corresponding value of BNX will be withheld, which will only be returned when the subsequent deferred 3rd boss is killed (players may not participate in this kill).
  • For example, if a player joins and kills a Lv1 boss and deals 10 points of damage to it, 4 BNX will be withheld, and when the Lv4 boss is killed (the player do not need to participate), the 4 BNX will be released to the player.
  • Additional Reward: Based on the player’s damage, 10% of total spent will be rewarded to players in BNX. This reward will not be distributed in real time, but will be dispersed altogether in each round when the BNX reward is distributed to players.

BNX Prize Pool:

For every successful kill in each round, BNX corresponding to 2% of the HP of the killed boss will be accumulated into the prize pool.

If the boss is not killed and escapes, the player who attacked the boss gets a percentage of the entire prize pool in BNX based on the percentage of damage dealt to that escaped boss. For example, if a player deals 10% of the damage to the boss, they receive 10% of the prize pool in BNX tokens.

Referral Program

The referral system in the Boss Raid allows players to invite their friends and earn rewards together. The inviter can share an invitation link with their friends, and players who enter the game through the link are considered invitees.

For each time the invitee spends BNX to attack a boss, the inviter will receive a reward in the form of BNX tokens equivalent to 1% BNX spent by the invitee. This reward will be distributed at the settlement of each boss, offering an incentive for players to not only enjoy the game but to also bring their friends into the fold. The referral system is a win-win situation, as both the inviter and the invitee can benefit from it.


In conclusion, Boss Raid is a thrilling and challenging game that offers players the opportunity to come together to defeat powerful bosses and earn rewards in the process. The game’s unique battle mechanics, bosses, and rewards system make it an exciting and engaging experience for players. Start now, and earn more BNX.

See you in Boss Raid!