A Sneak Peek at Project Matthew, BinaryX’s latest space simulation game

6 min readMar 24, 2023

Project Matthew is a strategy & simulation management game where players need to develop their own cities on Planet Matthew and support space exploration by building efficient production lines.

Players need to plan their building layout based on the characteristics of their home base and the surrounding terrain to improve production efficiency.

Build, Manage, Battle

Here’s a quick introduction to some of the key elements in Project Matthew:

City Building and Development

Home Base (NFT)

Overload Area

Home Base is an essential NFT plot that you need to start your adventure in Project Matthew. Home Base comes with different attributes and rarity: common, rare, epic, and legendary.

The Home Base is the main area of development of the game, and players need to build different types of buildings on 18x18 plots to plan the layout and increase production efficiency.

The home base area is divided into 3 main operation areas: Operation, Fault, and Overload areas, each with different effects on city development.

Players need to pay attention to factors such as home base quality, surrounding terrain, oil consumption, and material requirements when selecting the appropriate building type and placement.


Trading Spaceship

Players can select the appropriate amount of goods for trading, and each trade will consume a certain amount of energy blocks. The better the spaceship, the shorter the trading time.

Trading time and oil consumption are related to home base attributes and player spaceship’s speed, which determines the length of time to receive rewards and the amount of resources required to start the trade. Players need to improve energy efficiency and spaceship speed to reduce trading costs and increase trading efficiency.

Technology Development

Matthew Lab

The Matthew Lab is an important resource conversion facility that allows players to convert different materials into more valuable items, equipment, and currencies to obtain more profits. The higher the quality of the lab, the higher the conversion efficiency, and more recipes and production lines can be unlocked .

Players need to select different recipes for conversion based on their needs and strategies, and use Matthew Coins to improve the conversion efficiency and production capacity of their lab.

Roaming in Planet Matthew


Exploration is one of the primary ways to obtain rewards and resources in Project Matthew. To explore, players need to go on an exploration challenge. There are a number of free challenges every day. To go on additional challenges, players need to get more tickets . Exploration challenges are divided into instances, such as Science Instance and Soldier Instance. These Instances allow for players to get materials which can be converted into Matthew Coins to upgrade the Matthew Lab, or be used for soldier strengthening and researching soldier technology respectively.

Players need to pay attention to the quality, race, and occupation of the soldiers, and select suitable soldiers for exploration to improve their exploration success rate. It is highly recommended to keep challenging levels with higher difficulty to obtain better rewards and resources to advance the development of your space empire.

Lead a Robot Army

Project Matthew’s Robot Army


Players need to select different soldiers to form a team and challenge enemies on the battlefield to earn massive rewards. The battlefield is divided into normal, elite, and legendary difficulty, and it requires energy to challenge. Energy will automatically recover over time or can be purchased from the in-game store. The harder the battlefield, the better the rewards.


Matthew Robot

Understanding soldier attributes is crucial in building an effective team in Project Matthew. The key to win a space war is to take the soldier’s quality, race, and occupation into considerations to make the best team for your voyage in Planet Matthew.

Quality: The higher the quality, the stronger the soldier’s basic attributes and overall ability.

Race: There are 3 main races for your soldiers: Electromagnetic, Thermal, and Physical. Each race has its own strength and weakness. For example, Electromagnetic is good against Thermal, Thermal is good against Physical, and Physical is good against Electromagnetic.

Occupation: Soldiers are categorised into three main occupations: DPS, Tank, and Support. DPS soldiers have high damage but weak survivability and are more effective in the back row. Tank soldiers have low damage output but extremely strong survivability and are recommended to place in the front row. Support soldiers have relatively balanced abilities but come with special skills that could completely turn the table.

Upgrade: Players can enhance their soldiers’ abilities by merging soldiers of the same star level or by upgrading their attributes through soldier enhancement and technology research.

Calling for Closed Beta Test participants — It’s time to go beyond the moon

We are kicking off the launch of Project Matthew with a Closed Beta Test!


Beta Test Begins: 24 Mar, 8PM UTC+8

Register for the beta test and download the game here

Overall, Project Matthew is a game full of strategic and simulation management elements, where players need to operate and manage in various aspects such as home base construction, trade, battlefield, exploration, and lab to improve production efficiency, and obtain more profits and rewards.

We hope you take a ride on Project Matthew and go to the moon and beyond!

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