Project Matthew – Exploring the Tokenomics

5 min readMay 4, 2023

We are proud to reveal our latest blockchain space simulation game – Project Matthew. We have designed it to revolutionize space by combining simulation, strategy, and play-to-earn mechanics in a captivating and diverse gameplay experience. Our focus is on creating a sustainable, engaging, and rewarding environment for players, which is why we have developed Project Matthew’s economic system to accommodate both free-to-play and play-to-earn experiences.

In this article, we will dive into the game and token economics of Project Matthew to give you an overview of what to expect for our latest adventure..

Game Economic

Play-to-earn Economic

Project Matthew’s play-to-earn economy revolves around its native token, Matthew Coin ($MC), which can be earned through various in-game activities. Players can construct and manage their space cities, strategically allocating resources to maximize their income potential. As the player base expands, the competition within the game will naturally increase. This encourages players to enhance their Matthew Lab, invest in powerful armies, and engage in more challenging activities to sustain and improve their national power.

Free-to-play Economic

Project Matthew also offers a free-to-play experience, enabling players to enjoy the game without directly participating in the play-to-earn mechanics. Free players have access to limited features and will not be able to convert Matthew Coins. This game model aims to provide an environment for players to gain a better grasp of the game’s overall concept. Players can choose to gradually adopt the play-to-earn model by acquiring Matthew Land (NFT) at a later stage.


The economic system in Project Matthew revolves around multiple currencies and NFTs, which work together to facilitate gameplay and enhance the overall gaming experience. These assets include the native token, Matthew Coin ($MC), BNX, BNB, Matthew Gold Coin (in-game currency), and various NFTs such as Matthew Land, Soldier NFTs, Robot NFTs, and Building NFTs.


Matthew Coin ($MC)

As the native currency of Project Matthew, Matthew Coin plays a crucial role in the game’s economic system. Players can acquire Matthew Coins through in-game production or by purchasing them on the trading market. These coins are essential for recruiting soldiers, expanding the Matthew Lab production line, and purchasing in-game content.

Gold Coin

Gold Coin is the general in-game currency in Project Matthew, primarily used for off-chain in-game activities. Players can obtain Gold Coins by trading with the Cargo Ship or purchasing them in the in-game store using Matthew Coins. Gold Coins are used for city development, soldier enhancement, and upgrading the Matthew Lab.

Other Currencies (on-chain)

BNX (BinaryX) serves as a temporary currency to purchase Mystery Box from Project Matthew’s official website to obtain Matthew Land, while BNB, the native cryptocurrency of Binance Smart Chain, is used for on-chain transactions and gas fees.

*The currency to purchase Mystery Box will be changed to Matthew Coin in the future*

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

NFTs in Project Matthew include Matthew Land NFTs, Soldier NFTs, Robot NFTs, and Building NFTs, each with unique utilities and benefits for players.

Matthew Land

Matthew Land NFTs come in three main types (Operation Zone, Fault Zone, and Overload Zone) and five tiers of quality (Common, Excellent, Rare, Epic, and Legendary). Players can upgrade their lands with Land Upgrade Scrolls to improve their land’s attributes and increase their space city’s efficiency.

High-quality Matthew Land can bring significant impact to overall efficiency:

Every Matthew Land comes with a different set of attributes that could significantly affect your simulation strategy, and ultimately, lengthen or shorten your payback period.

How to get Matthew Land?

Obtain from mystery box purchased on the trading market (Visit wiki for full guide)

Convert Matthew Land into Land Upgrade Scroll (Visit wiki for full guide)

Other NFTs

Soldier NFTs enhance player combat capabilities, Robot NFTs improve city development and production efficiency, and Building NFTs also contribute to city development and production.

The Future of Project Matthew

As Project Matthew continues to grow and evolve, the utility of in-game currencies and NFTs will expand, providing players with even more exciting and engaging gaming experiences. We will be focusing on expanding the Project Matthew universe with new features, gameplay modes, and in-game assets. Furthermore, We are more than happy to listen to our community and ensure that the game adapts and grows to meet the changing needs and preferences of our players.


Project Matthew represents a significant milestone for BinaryX, showcasing our dedication to delivering innovative blockchain gaming experiences while fostering a strong community of players. With its unique tokenomics and captivating gameplay, Project Matthew is poised to revolutionize the blockchain gaming space and drive the continued success and growth of the BinaryX ecosystem.

Join us in exploring the vast reaches of space, and become a part of the future of blockchain gaming.

To the moon and beyond.

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