PancakeMayor’s New Season: Introducing NFT Badge & More

3 min readJan 31, 2024


Hello, PancakeMayor Community!

As we gear up for a brand new season, it’s time to reveal some game-changing updates that are set to enrich your PancakeMayor experience. We’ve been hard at work, taking your feedback, and infusing it with our passion for gaming to bring you these exciting enhancements. Our journey is shaped by your insights, and this update is a reflection of our shared vision for a more engaging and rewarding PancakeMayor universe.

Introducing the New NFT Badge System

Our latest feature, the NFT badge system, introduces a dynamic new layer to PancakeMayor. Players can now utilise their Pancake Bunnies, PancakeSquad, and Rh!noX NFTs as unique badges. These badges are not just symbols of your journey in the game but also offer powerful buffs that can significantly impact your gameplay. Here’s a glimpse into the potential buffs:

  • Boost in Mayor Cash from Raiding: Enhance your strategic edge by increasing the amount of Mayor Cash you gain from raiding other players.
  • Amplified Gains from Attacks: Increase your Mayor Cash rewards for successful attacks.
  • Resistance Buff: Stand a chance to resist an attack, offering a tactical advantage that could turn the tide in critical moments.

Season’s Prize Distribution and Ranking Rewards Overhaul

In the upcoming season, we are adjusting the prize distribution and the rewards based on player rankings. This revamp is designed to foster a more competitive environment while ensuring fair and enticing incentives for players at different levels.

Enhanced Season Prize Pool: A 4000 CAKE Boost

In a collaborative effort to up the ante, the PancakeSwap and BinaryX teams are excited to announce an addition of 4000 CAKE to the initial season prize pool. This substantial increase underscores our dedication to providing a more rewarding & consistent experience for our players.

What Lies Ahead

As we close in on the launch of these exciting new features, we want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our incredible PancakeMayor community. Your passion and commitment are the driving forces that make these updates possible. We’re on this journey together, crafting a gaming experience that’s not just fun, but truly extraordinary.

Stay connected for more updates, and prepare to dive into a new season that promises more challenges, more rewards, and endless excitement. Here’s to many more victorious moments and shared triumphs in PancakeMayor!

PancakeMayor Portal:

And as always, let’s play together, create together, enjoy together.

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