New Year, New Glory! Dominate AI Hero and Pocket 55,000 BNX!

3 min readDec 22, 2023


The AI Hero Leaderboard Competition kicks off today, spanning the next two thrilling weeks, from. December 22, 2023 1400 UTC, to January 5, 2024 1400 UTC+8. Brace yourselves for an exhilarating ride, as we introduce a grand prize pool of 55,000 BNX.

Campaign A: Leaderboard Prize Pool Breakdown (50,000 BNX):

Campaign B: Consolation Prize (5,000 BNX)

During the event period, if you participate in 10 matches in the Heroic mode, and do not qualify for 250, you will be eligible for a consolation prize from the pool of 5,000 BNX.

How to Participate

Secure Your NFT: Mint your Hero NFT through in-game recruitment.

Play Heroic Mode and Climb the ladder: Every victory in Heroic mode contributes to your point tally.

Heroic Mode Overview

In Heroic mode, six champions will vie for supremacy in a fierce battle. To enter the arena, participants need a hero. At the end of each round, players earn BNX and leaderboard points based on their performance.

Additional Tip: How to get Free Heroes from Mining

In addition to spending BNX for hero recruitment, players can enjoy a discount by engaging in Hero Mining. By depositing BNX into their game account, players can participate in Hero Mining, with daily rewards distributed based on mining tier. These rewards come in the form of hero recruitment voucher points, each deducting 1 BNX from the hero recruitment cost.

🔗 More on Mining: How to Obtain Hero NFT & BNX Mining

📘Looking for more tips to dominate the AI Hero Leaderboard Competition? Uncover all the in’s and out’s with our comprehensive game Wiki!

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