Introduction to Pancake Mayor, BinaryX’s Newest Hyper Casual Game

4 min readNov 15, 2023


Pancake Mayor is a city building simulation game where players can spend in-game currency, known as ‘Mayor Cash’, to upgrade and develop their city.

There are 5 buildings in each city that need to be built, and each building can be upgraded 4–5 times. When all buildings have been upgraded to the highest level, you will unlock the next level and move to the next city. Unlocking new levels will also unlock new gameplay and features, offering more rewards.

Spin the Wheel Mini Game

To earn more Mayor Cash and obtain tools to help the player defend their city, players can play a mini game that involves spinning the wheel for treasure. The wheel will randomly match 3 symbols. Different symbols result in different rewards.


The player is given a maximum of 50 Energy (represented as bolts) to play the mini game. Each spin costs the player 1 Energy. If the player runs out of Energy, the player needs to wait for their Energy to be restored automatically. 5 Energy will be restored every hour.

Besides waiting for the Energy to restore over time, players can restore Energy through other ways such as obtaining it through the wheel, taking part in Special Events, Tournaments, Inviting Friends, Team Activities, purchasing it in the Marketplace, or obtaining it through Daily Log-In Rewards etc.

After reaching a certain level in the game, a new reward multiplier will be unlocked. Players can spend more energy at once to get bigger rewards to accelerate their city upgrade.

Game spending and consumption mechanics

Pancake Mayor can be played entirely free as Energy is automatically restored. Players can choose to purchase more Energy or the in-game currency Mayor Cash with CAKE.

Players can also purchase props to spin the Crazy Vault, which yields significantly greater rewards per spin.

Special Events

Special Events are ways to obtain significantly greater rewards through the mini game. There are four types of Special Events:

  1. CAKE Blast
  2. Raid Madness
  3. Attack Madness
  4. Pineapple Rush

For example, during a CAKE Blast event, players can earn CAKE through spinning the wheel.

Championship Events

Players can also participate in Solo Tournaments where they can raid the cities of other players to earn ‘Moon Points’ which can be exchanged for rewards such as Energy, Mayor Cash, and cryptocurrency like CAKE.

Team Events

Players can also join a Team to participate in guild raid events, getting rewards such as Energy, Mayor Cash, and cryptocurrency like CAKE.

To create a Team, players spend Mayor Cash. Each player in a Team can request energy support from other members, and any team member can send x2 Energy to other players (maximum x10 energy, once per day).

Cryptocurrency rewards and spending scenarios

Any cryptocurrency reward earned from the Special or Team Events will be sent to the player’s connected wallet. Players can do two things with cryptocurrency: withdraw the cryptocurrency rewards that they have won, or use it to purchase more in-game currency and wheel spins within the game.

Whether you’re a seasoned blockchain user or someone just looking for a fun game to pass the time, Pancake Mayor might just be the city-building adventure you’ve been waiting for.

Start your Pancake Mayor adventure today!

As always, let’s play together, build together, enjoy together.

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