CyberLand Litepaper — a World-Building Web3 game where you make your own history

3 min readNov 24, 2022
CyberLand on BinaryX Preview

What is CyberLand?

Set in the world of CyberDragon, CyberLand is an open-world MMO where the entire world is driven by every single player.

In CyberLand, you can create your character in this metaverse and trade, collect, or even wage a war to acquire more resources to expand your territory.

The journey starts on a pristine land with natural resources only. You must collect resources, conduct research & develop technology, construct buildings, form alliances, or even raid outer lands to slowly build your empire out of thin air from scratch.

In CyberLand, the players create the history and the myth.


In-game Assets


The land in the game is divided into four categories: snowfield, plain, desert, and swamp. Owning the NFT of any land gives the player the ownership of a specific land in the game.

Materials & Resources

There are many different kinds of resources, including minerals, wood, gems, stones, food, and more.

In CyberLand, most of the activities, such as constructing a building, crafting equipment and supplies, or developing technology, require a certain amount of basic resources.

Buildings & Structure

Players can construct different buildings through blueprints by spending resources and materials. After a certain building is established, players can start recruiting certain NPCs, such as blacksmiths, merchants, auction houses, pharmacists, etc. to further improve the national strength.

Hostile (Enemy NPCs)

Creeps/Monsters: Every land is guarded by different species of monsters. Most of the time, players must eliminate the monsters on the land to be able to collect the resources from the land.

Guilds & Empire

The owner of the land will be able to build their own guilds and empire, recruit other players to join them, and wage wars against other cities.


Waging a war is one of the most effective ways to expand your empire and acquire vast amounts of resources.

Cyber Colosseum & Leaderboard

Special events and leaderboard events will be held regularly. The prize pool of special events is made up of the majority of players’ spending in CyberLand.

CyberLand Ecosystem

Cyber Marketplace

Most of the resources in the game are generated by players and consumed within the game.

Off-chain (In-game)

All transactions of in-game resources can be completed within the game (off-chain) without incurring any gas fee.


All resources can be traded or stored up on-chain, but not necessarily.


$BNX is the main native currency of CyberLand. It can be used in the game for many purposes, such as buying lands or being given to leaderboard winners as rewards.

Upcoming Features

Social Attributes

In the future, we will add more social-related features such as intimacy features or friend systems to deliver an immersive metaverse experience, where players can create, manage, and upload monetized content on a shared network while expanding their empire.

World Expansion

The narrative of the game will be completely written by every single player. Team CyberLand will mainly be in charge of the game updates, which means the playable area of the world in the game might transit into different civilizations depending on the current version.

*End of Litepaper*

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