CyberDragon v2.0 Released

New heroes

Three new heroes will join us: Knight, Priest, and Druid. The three heroes will have a new daily mining job and obtain a new token: Crystal. The upgrade of new heroes still requires gold coins and BNX. Players will be able to recruit new heroes and there will be a daily limit for new heroes supply, therefore no new heroes will be released on that day after the inventory runs out . CyberDragon will reset at 12:00 in UTC for the new heroes’ supply. CyberDragon also changed the price of recruiting fee to 1 BNX and 50BUSD. BUSD will be bought BNX and burned at the proper time. CyberDragon will announce the daily supply of new heroes.

New tokens and new jobs

CyberDragon will add a new token to the economic system: Crystal. The three newly added heroes will be able to obtain crystals through mining. At the same time, there is a chance to obtain crystals by disassembling items.

Crystals can be used to recast items attributes and can also be used to pay for the cost of a new dungeon,Twilight Forest.

New dungeon

CyberDragon will open a new dungeon twilight forest, consume crystals to enter the twilight forest to participate in the dungeon. In the Twilight Forest, you will encounter new enemies which are different from goblin villages and ancient battlefields. Winning the challenges will result in higher BNX token revenue. Note: You cannot obtain items in the Twilight Forest dungeon.

Enhancement of lock-up revenue

CyberDragon will launch the enhanced function of lock-up revenue. Players can get higher BNX revenue from the dungeon by lock-up BNX. The lock-up amount and lock-up time are determined by the user. The user can get up to 50% extra benefit ratio of the dungeons. The benefit enhancement mechanism will be applied to all dungeons at the same time. A large number of longer-term lock-ups will result in higher BNX additional benefits. To receive additional income, you need to lock BNX to obtain the amount of additional income.The more locked positions, the more extra income you can receive.

Destruction and reforge items

Players may obtain crystals when they destroy items they do not need. The number of crystals obtained when items is destroyed is random. Players can recast the attributes of the items by consuming crystals and gold. The level and basic attributes of the items will never change. Other attributes of the items will be randomly determined according to each reforge.

The new features are in a one-week trial period and may be adjusted during the week based on business conditions and the community feedback.

Thanks for the understanding and support of the community.
BinaryX Team




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The Play to Earn Dungeon Adventure Game on #BSC. Join Our TG:

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