CyberChess Season 3 Updates: New Hero and New Skills

Hello, players!

To provide better gaming experiences to all of our players, we have made updates on skills of 7 heroes and added 1 New hero Demon in CyberChess. Here is some information about CyberChess Updates on New skills of 8 heroes and 4 skills of new hero Demon in Season 3. Please read below for details of recent updates.

Introduction of New Hero Demon’s skills:

Threat: Attacks the target with a (Spirit*15%) chance of breaking the target’s defenses

Bloodthirsty: Sucks blood from target (spirit*100%), and restoring itself

Demonbody: Immune to magic damage

Demon Destruction: Kills the summoner in seconds, and heroes who have attacked will no longer be able to perform the skill

Details of New Skills


New Skill:

Sputtering: Attack the target, dealing 20% range damage to nearby enemies


New Skill:

Wild Dance: Increase the hero’s attack speed by 100% for 4 seconds


New Skill:

Firewall: Summons a wall of fire. Deal 100% spell damage for 3 seconds


New Skill:

Invincible: Immune to damage for 3 seconds


New Skill:

Rapid-fire: Accelerate attack speed


New Skill:

Death: Deal x% of the target’s HP. The hero with the lowest HP will be the target. (x = Intelligence * 10%)


New Skill:

Vine: Keep the back row target trapped for 5 seconds, dealing (Intelligence*60%) damage per second


New Skill:

IMP: Summon an imp which has 20% HP and can deal 30% attack damage

Can’t wait to have an experience on new skills? Read through this article and make a Ranked Mode with them!

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