CyberChess: Invites You To Its Custom Rooms & Match Mode Update

3 min readJun 29, 2023


In the dynamic world of CyberChess, we are always pushing boundaries, evolving with our players, and making the gaming experience more enjoyable. This time, we’re excited to introduce an innovative feature that allows you to personalize your gaming experience: the Custom Room Mode. Now, not only can you strategize your own gameplay but also create your own competitive battleground.

CyberChess Unveils the Custom Room Mode

The Custom Room Mode, a new feature in the recent CyberChess update, is designed to offer a more engaging, custom-fit gaming experience. This feature was born out of the feedback and requests from our vibrant community. Our players desired a space to engage in friendly duels, strategize, and compete against specific players, and we’ve answered that call.

What makes this even more exciting? Instead of waiting for a full room of 8 players to start the game, you can now dive into the action with just two players, significantly reducing the matchmaking waiting time!

How Does It Work?

It’s quite simple and flexible. You can create your own room and set up a password. As the room host, you can then share the room number and password with others. The invited players, upon entering the correct password, join the room to engage in a thrilling CyberChess match.

The game doesn’t need to start immediately. You, as the room host, have the power to kick off the game at your discretion, provided there are at least two players in the room. But don’t worry about lengthy waiting times — if the match hasn’t started within 3 minutes, the system takes over and automatically initiates the game.

A Continuous Experience

And what if the room host has to leave? Fear not! The game doesn’t end there. Leadership simply passes to another player in the room, ensuring the match continues unhindered.

Upon the game’s conclusion, players are rewarded with Gold and points based on their ranking. These points can be used to unlock prestigious honor achievements, providing a continuous sense of progression and a chance to showcase your strategic prowess.

Spectating: A Future Possibility

We recognize the joy of watching an engaging match, learning from other players’ strategies, and absorbing the nuances of the game. Once we’ve thoroughly ensured the stability of the Custom Room Mode, we plan to introduce a spectating feature. This exciting feature will allow others to watch games in progress, transforming each match into a live, strategy-filled masterclass.

Match Mode Revolution

Lastly, we’ve prepared something revolutionary for our match mode players. In the past, starting a game required filling the room with eight players. With this update, that’s history. Now, you can start a match with as few as two players, ready to deploy their strategic brilliance. This significant change dramatically reduces the waiting time for matchmaking, delivering a less interrupted gaming experience. This allows you to continuously engage in the adrenaline-pumping clashes that make CyberChess the thrilling strategic battlefield it is.


The Custom Room feature brings a fresh, interactive dimension to CyberChess’s gameplay. It enhances player engagement, fosters a more personalized competition environment, and significantly reduces matchmaking waiting time. We’re excited about the doors this opens up and we hope you share our enthusiasm.

See you on the battlefield!

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