BinaryX January 2024 AMA Recap: Celebrating Growth, Overcoming Challenges, and Setting the Stage for an Exciting Future

3 min readJan 19, 2024


As the BinaryX community steps into the fresh dawn of 2024, we took a moment during our January AMA to reflect on a year characterized by significant growth, learning, and innovation.

In this recap, we share the highlights and insights from our journey through 2023 and the exciting plans we have for 2024.

Topic 1: Major Changes in 2023

  • Token Split Decision: Early in 2023, faced with challenging market conditions, we made a pivotal decision to execute a token split. This strategic move aimed to lower the barrier to entry into the BinaryX ecosystem, seeking to widen our user base. Despite the risks associated with such a significant change during a crypto winter, the decision paid off, increasing our BNX hodlers and enabling us to expand our product offerings beyond the Cyber series.
  • Boss Raid — A Roller Coaster Ride: The introduction of Boss Raid in CyberDragon marked a high point in community engagement. Designed as a fast-paced, cooperative multiplayer boss fight, it initially promised to be a breakthrough in play-to-earn gaming. However, the surge in player numbers led to unforeseen technical challenges, resulting in server breakdowns. Recognizing these issues, we’ve temporarily shelved Boss Raid for a comprehensive overhaul, promising a future relaunch with enhanced performance and reliability.

Topic 2: Key Milestones and Innovations

  • Milestones Achieved: Despite the hurdles, 2023 was a year of triumphs. We celebrated our anniversary with a record 350k users globally, a testament to our growing appeal. Additionally, our hackathon unearthed new long-term gaming partners, bolstering our commitment to innovation.
  • Game Releases — AI Hero and Pancake Mayor: The launch of AI Hero and Pancake Mayor marked significant additions to our gaming portfolio. Both games were received with enthusiasm, underlining our ability to deliver engaging and varied gaming experiences.

Topic 3: Game Updates and Community Focus

  • AI Hero V2: The release of AI Hero V2 brought about enhanced gameplay, offering greater flexibility and engagement. Complementing these improvements, our strengthened anti-cheating measures and community reporting channels ensure a fair and enjoyable gaming environment.
  • Pancake Mayor: With more than 50,000 daily players, Pancake Mayor has established itself as a leading web3 game. The community’s positive feedback and creative engagement have been instrumental in shaping the game’s ongoing development.

Summary of 2023: Learning and Growing

Despite the challenges, including the initial setback with Boss Raid, 2023 was a year of substantial growth and innovation. Our expansion into new games, strengthened security measures, and a focus on community engagement solidified our position as a leader in the Web3 gaming space.

Our 2024 Momentum: It’s Only Uphill from Here

As we look to 2024, our focus is sharply set on enhancing user experience and community engagement. We’re excited to unveil new projects and partnerships, further expanding our gaming universe. We invite our community to actively participate and share their ideas, helping shape the future of BinaryX.

And as always, let’s play together, create together, enjoy together.

About BinaryX:

BinaryX is a leading GameFi and IGO platform committed to delivering cutting-edge gaming experiences backed by blockchain technology.

Offering Initial Game Offering (IGO) services, BinaryX gives game developers the opportunity to launch their GameFi projects on their platform, and for users to get early access to innovative new games.

As one of the top 10 projects on the BNB Chain, BinaryX has a vast community of more than 100k coin holders and 30K monthly active wallets. With the token $BNX, BinaryX is also one of the top few metaverse projects by trading volume on the BNB chain, with a strong market cap.

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